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It's hard to give a proper counter point to something as stupid as "the earth is hollow because of fish eye lenses". The fact that you can see space and stars obviously debunks the claim. I'm now very curious how this convo went down. Assuming this isn't trolling because it sure feels like it.


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I believe current theory is that the big bang was not the beginning, but our laws of physics break down to the point where we have no way of knowing what might have been before.

I also might be way off so take that with a grain of salt


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That's no where near fact, and the nature of it makes it likely unprovable even if it exists. So essentially it doesn't exist even if it does. Similar to pre big bang.


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I know very little about the actual sport, but I do know fifa took bribes and let a human rights violation of a country host the biggest tournament in the world. That fact alone makes it ironic that they would punish anyone for anything really. I said they deserve to be punished, so I'm not sure where the hate is coming from. As to my sports preferences, I enjoy a wide variety. I watch very little american football. You made a big generalization there so congrats on doing exactly what you gave me shit for.


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They should be punished, but it's pretty ironic fifa is taking action when they put the world cup in qatar. Biggest pot in the world calling the kettle black.

That said i don't know shit about soccer. Every time I attempt to watch, serveral grown men roll around the grass pretending to be hurt by something that never touched them.


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Being friends with an ex is a bad idea if you haven't had an appropriate "cool down period". Obviously there are exceptions to this, but it makes it really hard to move on when you are still involved in each other's lives.