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The fact you’re talking with this toxicity and disrespect to a 16 year old kid makes you the AH here. Give her constructive advice, or gtfo. Don’t try to say she’s weak and bully her to do what you want.

OP, Parents playing favorites obviously doesn’t mean they aren’t parents. It just means they aren’t being good parents. You can still get a job that pays in cash, and save up money. Your stepfather can’t really decide that.

I feel sorry for your brother. Seems like he will struggle in life if he’s so spoiled.


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India isn’t the country you discussed where women ‘aren’t treated like human beings’. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran…are. Changing the subject pretty obviously when it’s clear you are wrong.

8 times a day is for new mothers. Maternity leave is way too long for that to ever be relevant. Changing the subject again. Most women only pump every 4 hours when they return to work. Once before work, once during lunch, once after work.

Seems the lack of understanding clearly isn’t mine.

Men often have no right to even raise their own children in many countries. Including the west. However, this argument style of ‘what about men and this’ is clearly a deflection because you know I’m right.


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I’m discussing laws about driving. Actually only 1 country. Modesty laws are in almost every country, affecting men and women.

20-30 minutes a day… is not the reason why women get entire days off work. I’ve had colleagues store the milk during lunch breaks, in countries with lower leave times.

Equality is something a few countries don’t have, but based on your posts, I highly doubt you’ve ever seen what these countries are actually like.


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No… your argument falls short.

Because maternity leave is so much longer, the mom will be with the baby while the father gets nothing. I said this because it means that the scenario described in OP will inevitably occur, due to systemic differences in gender treatment under the laws of 99% of countries. Your argument fails to address that.

About practicality: We have these things called refrigerators, where we can store milk… although many women use powder these days. That’s not why women have more leave.

About your ‘well this is wrong for women’: There are 0 countries where women aren’t viewed as people. I’ve lived in ‘oppressive’ countries (notably a few STAN countries), and women are respected in all of them… Not driving or wearing sexy clothes doesn’t make someone not a person. Although those laws exist in like 2 countries, you’d be shocked how open minded the reality is in those countries.

Lastly: Whether it damages a career or not depends on the career.


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The law you’re discussing wasn’t only passed recently, but holds little ground in japan where building relationships at work trumps legal technicalities. Most men still won’t take the leave, or face consequences, while women will not face those consequences.

China offers 98 days to women, up to 15 days for men depending on wife age.

India offers 26 weeks maternity leave, 0 paternity leave.

That’s almost 50% of the world right there. Compared to your 2%. Satisfied?


You can see the times of each country under ‘by continent’.


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In japan that is not the case. I worked in japan last year, and know firsthand that women are allotted more than men. It sounds like half your post is likely BS. I can’t be arsed to check, but even if the rest of your countries listed are accurate, that is about 2.5% of the world’s population.

As I said, in the vast majority of the world, women get more time than men…

Time off for maternity leave is not related to any pregnancy injury. It’s longer than typical recovery times. So, the edit is irrelevant.


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I had an incredibly similar experience where I suspected I may have been drugged my first day of university, but also may have just been alcohol.

Blacked out drinking at my friend’s party. Woke up, girl under my arm saying ‘just take tops off, keep pants on’ black out again. Come to for 1 second in my bed taking pants off. Black out again. Vaguely remember walking into my neighbor’s room (open door policy), black out again. Vaguely remember running down the hallway screaming I need detox.

Wake up in the hospital, IV etc.


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Depends on your workplace and relationship with your boss. I used to work in manager/director positions, and I never fired anyone based on peer feedback - that’s very poor management policy.

Managers should evaluate and review employees under their supervision, and directors should do the same for managers. No sane director would fire a manager over a single employee complaint.