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SCIENTISTS have found a NEW WAY to generate PROFIT that justifies a huge COMPANY... Instead of planting trees which is the cheaper, better, more environmental solution.

'Carbon capture', I'm taking about you specifically.

Honestly, so many solutions can be had if we just accept a tiny reduction in economic output and restructure our economies by the tiniest amounts


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Interesting read.

The main thing appears to be that women have hugely unrealistic expectations and refuse to 'date down'. Now, I'm not saying settle for being unhappy.

But no man will be 25, earning hundreds of thousands, compassionate, tall and highly educated. Men in this category won't date these women for the same reasons anime girls won't date otaku men.


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Interesting study but

  1. it's self-reported. How reliable is that? (Answer: literally not at all)

  2. Regular cola is bad. But it's not really; it's the sugar and fructose syrup (if USA). Maybe they should have checked consumption of other similar sweets.

Not a great study, overall. I'd have gone towards sugar consumption as a risk- but then, I guess it wouldn't have made for a catchy title, so fair enough


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To be honest, you can't really name an industry where the average consumer knows more about it than people working in it. And, therefore, have different viewpoints about said work