Electr_O_Purist t1_j3rym4l wrote

Guy…a camera is impartial and it only documents what it is set to document. Cops are overwhelmingly racists who profile and use speed stops as excuses to violate people’s 4th amendment rights and further invade their lives.

It’s not like having a traffic cop sitting on the corner makes getting caught speeding just bad luck or something. Cops can make up any reason they want to push you around, and can then use any reason they make up off the top of their head (imagined smells, an interpretation of your demeanor, a ‘suspicion’) as a cover to harass, and it’s clear who they like to harass most.

Cameras don’t harass. Cameras just sit there and document who sped. Emotionlessly. Without bias. People are far safer with cameras on them than cops running around lugging all the baggage that shoved them into a miserable life as a traffic cop.