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Banks aren’t supplying loans, and they aren’t purchasing equity - simply underwriting the corporate action. You make it sound like they are borrowing in the market. They are actually raising capital - massive difference. This has nothing to do with bond issuance.


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When WSB reads this then and says go short, that’s the time to go long. Banks are underwriting a rights issue (ie. shareholders are going to stump up cash) and they are going to restructure. Likely dumping all the crap and keeping the profitable parts of the business.

Bad news is all public now.


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Fees are really low, the lending side is good for margin, a lot of coverage (just not US single stock options but you can do warrants), and again, a really Low transaction fee. The UI is a little clunky and you can’t do TA if that’s your thing.

Edit: you mentioned a good UI but something that routes your order direct to exchange and charges a Low fee to me is important, especially if I transact a lot.