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As someone who suffers from scoliosis - and has known dozens of scoliosis patients - She doesn't look like anyone I've ever met with it (except really mild cases)

Her one shoulder should be higher then the other. Her head might lean to one side. Her hips might be uneven. And maybe one of her legs should be "longer" then the other. Depending which direction the spine goes it might push her body forward or backwards.

So. Basically someone didn't do any research - slapped a back brace on it and said 'she's disabled! We're such a great company'

Downvoted for being fake uplifting news.

She probably doesn't even have any surgical scars running along 80% of her spine and sides after the correction surgery.

If you guys want, I can post some picture of a REAL scoliosis person - I got x rays, mris and some grarly scars to show.


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Derailments happen all the time

As a defence for train derailments is the same kinda logical fallacy in used to seeing in America.

Another mass shooting in only country where this routinely happens! Where its super easy to get guns! And no one knows why.

Yeah. We all know why.


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My driving instructor didn't like how much burth i gave side walks while turning. He kept screaming 'closer! Get closer! "

One day I fucking lost it. I drove the whole side of his car into a raised side walk scraping the front all the way to the back.

I just gave the man what he asked for.

Ford focus. Shittest car I've ever driven. Like driving a brick. Always felt like it was turning from the middle of the car instead of the front.