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.. This is nyc, if you live here long enough you will see hate crimes being committed. I've seen guys use racial slurs against asian or hispanic store clerks or vendors and then destroy some things in their store or display or physically threaten them. You can guess what they all had in common

This doesn't even take into account all the terrible racist things that happen in nyc schools I've seen growing up.

No one is asking you to do anything, it's not like you have the power to. But don't pretend that the conversation you guys are having on racism in this country is honest, it's not. One side hates black people and the other side refuses to acknowledge that black people are probably the most racist group of people in the country.


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Some hate black people, some want an honest conversation

As a latin immigrant who grew up in this city, I got to see things as an outsider. And the most openly racist people I have known or been friends with were all black. Not like 'oh, here's some ignorant thoughts I have' kind of racists(although they were that too), but like standing in the middle of a street or surrounded by people and hurling racial slurs at people and not caring at all


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You have anything to back up that no kids are scared or uncomfortable?

But again, this is not the kids choosing this form of entertainment, it's the parents. To use your own logic, if kids adored Drag performers more than other entertainment, there would be many businesses that capitalized on that.

Do you have children?