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Or Squirrel Hill. Or Greenfield. Or Hazelwood. Anywhere near Schenley and Frick Parks, I suspect, since naturalists say they've basically razed the edible park vegetation and are starving so they're roaming the streets in search of food and getting hit by cars.

I tried a vegetable garden the first year we after we bought our Squirrel Hill South house and realized about halfway into the season that I was basically the personal chef for a family of groundhogs.


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What's different, and what will hopefully start to make a difference, is a lot of local politicians and organizations -- including Mayor Gainey -- are refusing to speak to the PG while its workers are on strike. When that gets to a critical mass, it's going to make certain kinds of journalism impossible.

God knows if the Blocks will ever buckle but god I hope for the workers' sake they do.


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I'd definitely say Gi-Jin goes beyond "pretty decent." We ate there in February and still reminisce about it regularly; our schedules just haven't given us a chance to go back since reservations are definitely required and weekends are impossible to get.

Seeing that Kiku does omakase makes me want to check it out!


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The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank has a Turkey Fund (supported by KDKA and donors) that provides a turkey and money for Thanksgiving dinner. You can call 412.460.3663 x655 for more info.


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Nope, we did it ourselves and tbh we kinda winged it just with supplies from Lowe's. Aerated the lawn, overseeded it with the clover mix, and watered the hell out of it every day for a few weeks. It took great and looks wonderful. We have a neighbor who did the same thing at the same time and didn't have as much luck and had to re-seed last March but it came together by May.


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They just wander around the streets in Squirrel Hill when they run out of things to forage in Schenley Park (spoiler alert: they have foraged Schenley Park down to nothing already) and just like you I work second shift and see them on my street at least once a week. I'm on high alert for them but they're gonna get nailed by someone who isn't and everyone is gonna be unhappy.