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All these folks struggling to climb while dragging around all this stuff behind them.

Want some real motivation, cut the rope holding all the stones....will make reaching those goals a little easier.

If the baggage is that important you can pick it back up of the ground after you reach your goals...those rocks ain't going anywhere, but you also don't need to carry them around with you everywhere you go and in everything you do.

Cut the cord and relax a bit.


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Actually the tilt decreasing would increase the rate of extreme weather events. Every 26000 years or so seasons on the planet flip North to South. Or winter in the US would be in July, and Summer in Australia would be in July.

The most recent was about 18000 years ago now (that allowed people to traverse the Bering Strait and settle North and South America from Asia), or the last ice age we are currently coming out of. In another 8 to 10K years we will likely re-enter a minor ice age. This is due to the sheer volume of landmass in the North vs the South, and as such Snow sticks better...reflects more light back...so it stays colder, for longer, more snow, etc etc etc.

So as the tilt declines air and sea currents become more tropical (focused between the tropics and the equator) and as such more freakish weather can pop up almost anywhere at any time due to the increased amount of water entering the atmosphere due to the tropical heating effects on waters that didn't really experience it before.

As this procession continues weather patterns normalize as the system balances....and then like 13000 years later it starts to repeat as the function repeats itself in the inverse.

As for the measurements themselves based on tilt, they can be factored in, but it's largely irrelevant given the time scale of the procession 26000 years or so is a long ass time...and basically irrelevant for what happens in the next few hundred years.

For the most part you going to have same or similar weather right up until a couple centuries before it flips and starts going back the other way.

(If this makes sense. Explaining these types of procession can be tough at times.)


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In real world application Photons lose energy all the time colliding and scattering off objects.

If a Photon can travel a straight line in a vacuum it will travel that line forever without loss of Energy.

However in space for example there is just so much stuff out there (including other photons) to collide into that photons are constantly be redirected rerouted or absorbed by other particles and objects.

This is what leads to depletion of energy, adjustment of wavelengths that is call red shift.


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Is Gravity just a by product of Electromagnetic Force and its relationship between objects, or is it probably its own thing...we know magnetically polarizing things can "beat*" Gravity. (Floating art using magnets for example.)

  • I know it's not beating Gravity it is using force to resist effect of gravity, but to make objects float and not just fly off would require both forces to be comparable would it not?

Everything emits electromagnetic waves, everything is impacted by Gravity. Both Gravity and Electromagnetism decay at 1/R^2.

I do know that GEM (Gravitoelectromagnetics) is a fairly new (relatively speaking) concept of physics? (Maybe mid 1800s?).

Googling just gives me an answer of "they aren't the same thing because we have no evidence they could be (is this true or just a lazy take because we just dont know?)

Curious me has to ask. If both forces protrude "forever" and become their strongest at a certain "break point" and both decay at the same 1/R^2 Rate, and both impact all objects are they effectively the same thing?

The magnetism (haha) between the two seems pretty dang strong.

Is it?


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Not as bad out on the edges. Closer you get to Toronto or the bigger cities the quicker it spikes though.

For comparison where I work in Milton for same size room, in a bit nicer of a building I'd be looking at 1400+ Utilities.

I said fuck that, chose a place in the sticks for 550 all inclusive...what about 7 years ago now?


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Oh I got ya, you just trying to better organize your time so you can get through a backlog. I can't help ya there, I got games on steam from 2014 I've still not got around to playing.

I'd say just stop buying stuff and make a short list of games you want to play and haven't....but spring steam sale is coming and I know there gonna be a lot of 5 to 10 dollar games like there always is.


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Prioritize in what way? Like keep track of whether or not you enjoyed an activity on any particular day?

Can't you just use a spreadsheet with following columns?

Date Feb 24,

Activity: Played Video Game.

Product: that wizard Game we can't talk about.

Enjoyment 4

Duration : 3 Hours

Comment - Good game don't know why people hate it.

Date Feb 25,

Activity: watched TV

Product: Game of Thrones

Enjoyment: 2

Duration: 1 Hour

Comment: season 8 has been awful, but I will finish eventually.

And so on and so forth.

Other than that not sure what you tracking or prioritizing. Generally if I enjoy something I just keep doing it, if I don't I stop...never needed an App to help me with that.


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How is Putin blackmailing Europe?

Nord 2 was a joint project between Germany and Russia, that seems all but shutdown at this point ended by Germany due to US pressure. (This wind down of N2 started prior to Ukraine War)

Ukraine War caused numerous European Nations to abandon Russian Exports and instead pivot to Norway (as they should and really should have long ago, but lack of infrastructure made it tough)

Usually when someone is "blackmailing" another they have some leverage, Putin has none.

If anything Europe is blackmailing Putin into ending his war in Ukraine by refusing to accept Russian Oil/Gas, and a vague promise that trade could resume when the war is ended, but after pivoting to Norway, and accelerating renewable growth....will they if he does end the war?

That's blackmail.


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I didn't say they want to leave, I said they are crossing the border to get cheaper health care.

The implocation being the US doesn't want Americans doing that.

If you don't understand a comment you shouldn't attempt to infer what people mean....

Also the irony of calling me pedantic...thats rich, ain't my fault you didn't read what I wrote.