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You might need to... I don't know how to say it "Sharpen the implication?" I don't know. I didn't read it because formatting. It's just a wall of text. You need to double space your paragraphs.

Like this to make them drop lines.


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"You were my beta reader. I edited according to your feedback. I even put you in the dedication."

Flips over book, "To my beautiful love. May your suffering of my first drafts not be in vain. Aww... it was. Your book still sucks."

"Sigh. At least I tried. What's for dinner?"



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I think there might be a distinction between using dogs to search and capture and just letting them maul a limb of. Like my great grandpa use to always say "If the cops do it, then it's probably a war crime."


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Okay, so, the geneva convention is actually the geneva conventions(plural) and it's really wordy and spread across like 12 documents, but I'm pretty sure the wounds caused by werewolf fangs and claws would be considered a violation. Additionally, if the werewolf curse spreads that's definitely a violation and if they spread any other disease that's definitely a violation.


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Also, guns and bombs still exist, so... yeah, I feel this prompt should explore the dumbass god who made this curse rather than the people living through.


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"You have 20 years to complete the prophecy, your majesty. Plenty of time to train him well."

"Ah, yes. Very well. Do that."

Twelve years later the noble warrior John Smith defeated The Shadow Bringer and was crowned King.



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"You monster! You want to feed on my blood?"

"Well if your offering, but in truth we just need someone to handle the rising of cattle since we can't go in the sun. Blood is blood after all and while cow blood isn't as good as human it's a lot better than dying. So we got a deal?"


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Agent Quil. A field agent for the Department of Demi-Humans(DDH), a government agency like that of the FBI or CIA but for paranormal beings who are still tax-paying citizens, with his partner Agent Smith.

Agent Quil is completely mundane. All human and nothing but human. His physical prowess is equal only to his mental stupidity and tolerance for pain. His partner isn't very impressive either except for his skills with a revolver and ability to not get outsmarted by a rock. Still, they are one of the most successful duos in the department due to their furious fighting style they call "Punk Tactics" which follows three core tenets: Hit Them Hard, Hit Them Fast, Hit Them Dirty.

I guess this is more of a twofer, but something I hold hard to is that all DDH agents have partners, and these two are my favorite character concept, and would like to see an outside interpretation of them.


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Seconded. Like, religion is the result of generations of record keeping, moral tales, and pattern recognition. Even if you don't believe in any theism it's a fact that religion is a result of the human survival strategy. All strife is the result of humans being naturally violent creatures who need therapy. Not from believing in sky magic.


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It makes sense during a tactical fight that the good guys who are more skilled and have more power would be able to take out mooks and the like who are likely inexperienced due to just being mooks. Only the big bads are likely to get a kill and by then the heroes likely have something to win with.

Remember, if it's a fist fight bring a knife, if it's a knife fight bring a gun, if it's a gun fight don't go. It's not bad for heroes to think like this.