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The majority of the increases are just due to inflation. We’ve had a crazy amount of inflation the past year or so and things just cost more to insure because if it. Home owners is going up for many as well because of this.

35 percent seems a bit much. My annual policy to insure two cars went up about 10 percent this year.


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This was essentially Highmark’s stance when UPMC decided to get into the insurance game. Once they failed to prevent that though, they said two can play at that and founded AHN to get into the hospital game. This model has been such a detriment to the city in regards to affordability and access to care.


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“Mr. Toomey declined an interview request through his staff, but a top Republican aide on the Banking Committee said the veteran lawmaker objected to the legislation being tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act — a must-pass bill — without any hearings.”

Why is this a thing? Why can’t we just have smaller, more focused bills instead of lumping them into giant ones? Is Congress afraid they’d have to work harder or something?