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"They'll notice!"

"They'll never notice. And we'll increase profits by 30%."

"But... we haven't tested it enough! Just look at this post it created... it's nothing but a stupid repost, and it even lost the sound of the video! How are we going to get more subscribers with posts that shitty?"

"Ah, you are that new guy. Have you ever even read anything on our subs? Reposts are the primary source of Karma. And ChatReddit is doing so much more..."

"But... it's just reposting, and mashing together successful posts, putting them into subs that are supposed to have real stories! Genuine content! People will notice!"

"You still don't get it. True Redditors already know that most of what they read is just reposted, or creative writing presented as truth. And you know what they do about it? They bitch about it, creating more content! They set out to make up better fake stories to present as real! They are here for entertainment!
They are not here to find THE truth. They are here to read THEIR truth! And we are not limited to one truth we want to push down their throats. They want to think all women or men are evil? We got subs for that. They want to believe in water? We got subs for that! We have subs for everything!"

"But... ChatReddit can't make up real content. It can just copy stuff and mash it together. It isn't quality content!"

"I know you are here for your AI knowledge. But you really, really have no clue what Redditors want to see. You think they want to only read well researched articles, or fact-checked stories?
They want to read stories about crazy, son-controlling mother-in-laws that end up in prison. They want to judge people and tell them that they are assholes or totally innocent. We already have that, but the karma bots in those subs were not working for us. ChatReddit changes that. We are going to sell those accounts now.
But it isn't just about those bots. There are too many subs that have dried up. Too many potential niche fans that even here haven't found their people. There's no Kiss / Power Rangers crossover fan-fiction sub yet? ChatReddit will create it as soon as someone mentions it! Even r/fakesubsifellfor will be filled. With postings pointing out that there are no fake subs anymore! We will have content for everyone! Everyone will become a Redditor! EVERYONE!!!
Harhar. Muhahaha. MUHAHAHAAAA!"

"I think I want to go back to Bing..."


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The Ewok revolution on Kashyyyk

They were being imported as pets/funny little guys by the Wookies, at best being treated like children. Finally they had enough and started fleeing into primordial woods that were too dense for the Wookies. After several raids the Wookies sent in a batallion of Ewok-catchers, underestimating their ability to build traps and willingness to clobber the Wookies over their heads once they got them to fall.

A second expedition wasn't much more successful, but there were enough deaths for the Wookies to finally send a call to C-3PO to arrange peace talks and return the Ewoks to their moon.