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There are a lot of reasons why New Hampshire is better off fiscally than other places, liquor is just one. Having the fourth largest lower house legislature in the English-speaking world, creates its own citizen rule dynamic. They get paid almost nothing, except for the miles they drive. Either highly motivated young people, or retired people with nothing better to do.


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I moved here from California when I was 25, the ultimate flatlander according to the local union boys. My 60 yr old work partner was convinced I89 ruined everything. I wore the moniker with pride, rode my CA plate motorcycle into Dec. 35 years later I’m assimilated but still a flatlander.


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I agree with OP. Utility workers are bad ass. I had multiple problems on long underground runs and they show up in the winter and stay all night until it’s done. and never got a bill.

It’s our governor and the utility company who should be the recipients of your discontent.