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The wood paneling ...wow. Ours was a bit lower rent than the paneling I see in your picture ... but to go with it, we had wall-to-wall shag carpet. Literally everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms. A thick pair of socks in the winter, and the whole house was an experiment in static electricity. Good times.

Thanks for sharing!


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If implemented for consumer VR, there will likely be a dedicated "base station" putting out a clean signal in the room you are using for VR. It might not even be an actual Wi-Fi carrier signal ... i get the impression they were experimenting with "off-the-shelf" wavelength bands to see if the technology was feasible.

I would expect a consumer version of this to use a non-interfering frequency that was close enough to the Wi-Fi range that they wouldn't have problems with licensing with the FCC. Or maybe even use an ACTUAL Wi-Fi band ... and then let the installing user decide which channel that is (one that wouldn't interfere with their existing wi-fi).


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It likely gets a baseline reading of immobile objects first, then removes that as a background "noise" layer, leaving you with "mobile" things. It makes me wonder how it would identify an oscillating fan, or a Roomba. Or, if a person stood still enough for long enough, would it become "invisible"?


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Right. What you describe is a post-scarcity society. One in which the citizens essentially do nothing but exist in a world where everything is automated.

This is something that may one day be achievable through innovation, but attempting to legislate it into reality before then is ... well ... in politics they might call that the tail wagging the dog.

A post-scarcity society is inevitable if technology continues to advance, but UBI still sounds like forcing the issue before it is feasible. You want this future ... I want this future, too.


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I've often thought that this is part of what differentiates professional athletes. Besides the obvious (a) natural ability, and (b) constant training. Enough (b) offsets (a), but nothing will affect the rate at which you are able to process information.


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The world has already changed from your student's defined belief system in some way, so technically they are already outdated. But does that matter? The big step from adolescence to adult is in making belief system decisions for yourself. And if your primary concern in these decisions is other people's opinion of you, then you might need to take a closer look at your surroundings, and maybe ask yourself why this is the case?


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The math doesn't add up. Literally. A UBI of $1k per-month per-citizen would cost the federal government more than the sum total of all income tax collected every year.

Is it nice to dream of a post-scarcity society where all your basic needs and luxuries are provided? Yeah. It is.