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That’s awesome. The only thing I caution is reading by low light under the covers can do eye strain damage. My wife’s family has perfect vision mostly but my wife, who did exactly what you son did, for like 10 years, has such terrible vision her contact prescription is like -11 or something insane.

Maybe if he’s gonna stay up reading he can turn the overhead lights on or something? Just a word of caution - congrats on getting that love of reading instilled. My wife is incredibly successful and it’s definitely due to her incredibly voracious reading abilities so I’m not trying to scare you away from supporting your sons books books books mentality.


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I just don’t have this problem but I hear it a lot from people. I find the problem 90% of the time is one of these:

  1. You are using your TV speakers but shows are mixed now assuming 5.1 and decent quality components.

  2. You have a cheap sound bar or your sound bar is remixing in the fly to simulate surrounds and it’s messing with things.

  3. You haven’t properly calibrated your receiver with your speakers.

80% of the time it’s #1. The speakers built into your TV, no matter how nice your TV is, are probably fairly crappy, can’t produce bass properly, and do a lousy job when high dynamic range is at play


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It’s also stupid because as a viewer you still experience the gray area. My wife who never played the game (I have) says she doesn’t like Joel. She feels bad he lost his daughter and understands how that made him cynical, but she thinks he’s a selfish dick who hasn’t learned to make peace with his past. Which is accurate so far and belies any attempt to say they have glossed over Joel’s bad choices and outlook.


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They want you to see football as a premium product like a high end cable channel. Not as a filler set of free content with another sub. Amazon will absolutely not offer it free to Prime members and it’ll be a separate channel offer for sure.

I think the NFL is being short sighted here. I cut the cord and thought I’d miss football. Now, I’m glad it’s out of my Sunday life and realized I only watched it because others were. The games are really long and bloated with commercials and unnecessary breaks.


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It’s absolutely criminal how much taxpayer money is stolen from hard workers and wasted for the private enjoyment or enrichment of a few elites the world over. This is a microcosm of the issue. You want a Christmas party at your office? Work for a private employers who throws one or, if you are a public servant, pay for it yourself. Stop dipping into the average citizens pocket to pay for your shit, whether it’s a party or pork barrel political bonanzas for yourself and your cronies.