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For starters, they would need their current government to agree with that plan.

Or they would have to declare independence while their government is actively engaging in genocidal policies against them.
In that case, this fact needs to be widely recognized. They might even receive international help for their struggle.

Another option is declaring independence when the previous country is already falling apart.

In any case, for a successful declaration of independence, the group seeking independence would need to be a distinct ethnic, religious, or linguistic community that lives in a specific region and is a majority in that region.


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I often come across sentences like 'Caesar led his men into winter quarters' or 'Hannibal spent the winter somewhere before attacking the Romans.' This raises two questions:

  1. Was it possible to wage winter warfare in regions with milder climates such as Palestine, Carthage, or Sicily?

  2. When did European armies stop winter quartering and start winter fighting?


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The USSR, for example, was far more conservative, had a pact with Germany, and even seemed quite sympathetic towards the Axis powers in 1939-1941. However, it is hard to imagine that its alliance with Germany would have lasted forever. In the 19th century, European countries did not have many ideological differences, yet they were constantly at war with each other.