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"It's just frustrating that everything eventually boils down to people saying "Landlords are scum" to everything we do."


But if you think you're one of the good one landlords, then this statement doesn't apply to you, so why do you get upset by it?


Is it because you know that making money off of a necessity is scum behaviour and that landlords ARE scum?


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yup its that we disagree, not that what you said is 1:1 with the suburbanite "the city is crazy and evil and dangerous and dont ever go there or you'll get carjacked!!!!!!!!!" complain.


My bad, when it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, i tend to assume I'm looking at a duck.


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Really glad you decided to spill mindless anti-LGBTQ drivel then fall back on "word around the campfire" being a pulp fiction reference and not just a general statement like everyone knows it was being used as. Seriously, nothing about how you used it references pulp fiction besides them both using it as a general turn of phrase.

In any event, it DOES matter to me and most of the other LGBTQ folks in Philly, considering the rhetoric around the country and even in our own state government is uh....very concerning to say the least. They should do more about other problems, but saying and pretending like this doesn't matter is kinda fucked up


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As always, the only people complaining about us LGBTQ folks calling ourselves 'victims" or whatever, are you lot: the EXACT same people who are why they had to talk about this drag shit in the first place. Because it is YOU lot who are using drag to enact anti-LGBTQ laws all over the country. Talking about anti-LGBTQ stuff happening and existing isn't being a "victim" in the way you claim....it's just talking about our reality. Like this is happening regardless of if you accept and believe that or not.

And to be clear, drag is the clothing worn. The extremely over the top, exaggerated, flamboyant COSTUMES worn by performers. What they do IN drag is a performance. And what they are doing with the story times? They fucking reading books to children! Like....how is that so crazy or outrageous?

Drag isn't some inherently sexual thing, it's a costume like you see at the carnival or at a play. Do you think all children should be banned from the pool and beach, where tons and tons of men only wear shorts? And where women wear very revealing bathing suits?

Why do we NEED drag storytime? Because in the words of Zoeey Zephyr: "Drag is art. Drag is beautiful. Drag is important to my community. There were comments about people who went 30 years ago to drag shows. There's questions as to why are children coming to them now. I'll tell you what happened. We lived. Now we are taking some of our children, showing them our history, celebrating our art and history and the fact that we are alive today." (Source: https://twitter.com/ErinInTheMorn/status/1628914352161013766?t=ez9bht1y-1ejk3ml8CL3tQ&s=19, it's a great speech about the drag bills overall, you should watch it).

Kids being read to by someone in drag is just....so inoffensive. But as always, conservatives don't want kids to be around people who are different because they want kids to learn that everyone needs to be the exact same way and if you're not the same you're evil and bad and hurt children or whatever. LGBTQ parents who know drag is not bad at all, take their kids to children drag stuff like the storytimes, because it is part of our culture. It is just a part of who we are, just like a part of white redneck culture is tail gating and getting hammered while watching football or whatever.

Drag is just fun, kids love costumes. I mean seriously what kid doesn't love a costume? Except me, who was deathly afraid of large costumes like chuck e cheese but y'know....I know from experience that I am the exception and not the rule lol

It's the exact same reason why college is extremely often said to be "liberal brainwashing" by conservatives. Because at college is often the first time that conservative young adults are around people that don't look like them or believe what they believe. So they learn and grow because of that.