Emory_C t1_je38nle wrote

>All of your hard work in life was for nothing. Accept it.

This is a strange opinion. Cars and all kinds of animals can move faster than any human being. Does that mean the hard work athletes put in to be the best version of themselves is for nothing?

History has shown us that when new technology emerges, activities and skills we previously used for survival often shift into different areas. With the advent of AGI, maybe many tasks and jobs could become automated, but this doesn't invalidate the hard work and achievements of individuals up to this point.

Instead, it should serve as an opportunity for us to adapt and evolve, focusing on the aspects of our lives that cannot be easily replicated by artificial intelligence – creativity, empathy, and personal growth. I believe we should embrace change and use it as a catalyst for further development, rather than seeing it as a reason to dismiss the value of our past efforts.


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>Half the decisions made at large organizations are wrong. There’s plenty of literature on c-suite decision-failures. This means there is room for improvement

GPT-4 would be very prone to hallucinate "wrong" answers as well.

Stockholders want somebody to be able to fire.


Emory_C t1_ja6xmce wrote

>AI is already creating more art and intelligently written articles than I or most other people can.

AI is not creating art. People are using machine learning algorithms to create art. There's a huge difference.

When there is an actual and true Artificial Intelligence which is creating art (which requires thought and intent) it will be a very different world indeed.

But that would be an AGI -- and I doubt an AGI would even understand the purpose for something as superfluous and silly as art.


Emory_C t1_j5uc8s5 wrote

>The AI revolution will change human powered thinking to mechanical, but of course just like a motor is stronger than a human, can run 24/7, can be made bigger, etc, the same is true for AI

I agree with this, but the person I responded to said "right now."

It's the right now part that I'm taking issue with.