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This is assuming all townies stay and don’t go to elite schools either though..?

There’s definitely some pompous yalies, but the graduate students that live in my end of the community are pretty chill. Then again, they made a choice to live off campus and away from the campus.


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Reply to Bus fare by Beboparedpanda

Some of the schools give out bus passes, I know Southern CT State used to at the beginning of the semester. Not sure if it’s a state school only thing to do. I think there are some companies that offer commuting benefits, but don’t quote me on that.


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Most parts of the Yale Campus are open, and anyone can walk near it, ie. Sterling Memorial Library.

Old campus is closed, and you need a Yale ID to get in, ie. the different colleges because they're dorms.

It's a city ordinance to have your dog leased. It doesn't matter where you are or how well your dog is trained unless it's an actual service animal, which is allowed anywhere.


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Pardee Morris House in Morris Cove was also partially burned down during this, now it’s open during the summer for visits and have different events. It’s owned by the New Haven Historical Society.


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I'm from New Haven, so can't really compare to other places, but most people I know use AT&T. I've used Google Fi with success, but it may depend on what you use your phone mostly for. You can BYOD for both.