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>Rationality taken to its ultimate logical conclusion is nihilism, and the only escape is irrational hope.

I disagree. Consider this example:

If I see clouds gathering and droplets on the ground, I can rationally claim that "It is going to rain" (putting probability calculus and wild cards aside for a moment). If I would say "It is absolutely not going to rain and it will be sunny" you can see that one of these claims is more rational than the other.

If I see governments taking action against climate change, trying to prevent nuclear proliferation and working towards a stable world I could rationally claim that "We can have hope things will improve in the future".

However, if there is really no basis for such hope, than saying that "We can have hope things will turn out okay" is honestly just a baseless claim and a similar type of religious thinking, as handing your life over to the lord because he has a plan that will always turn out alright (which is a perfect example of a baseless claim, however edgy it might sound).


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>Maybe I haven’t read enough Epicurean philosophy, but it does seem to me that it’s got a kind of paternalistic naivety regarding poverty you see in a lot of works by rich people which counsel moderation - they’re just sort of assuming the idyllic simple life of the commoners and imagining it must be nice to not have so many demands on your time and resources, without really understanding the experience of poverty or deprivation.

This seems to be my main gripe with people trying to resurrect ancient schools of philosophy to help navigate modern life. They seem to imply that there is some trans-historical (transcendental even) nature of things, while forgetting that Epicurean philosophy was essentially created by someone of unimaginable privilege in the ancient world. As such, it reflects the character of the ancient world and society, and simply applying it 1:1 to modern solutions isn't a very viable solution to problems.


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In addition, its very clear that the economy will continue going to shit, causing further social distress and the war in Ukraine will only continue to escalate, potentially threatening the world with a global conflict using weapons of mass destruction. People have practically zero advocacy in these issues.


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There's only so much you can do when all your comms are out, alongside with basic necessities like water and heating in winter.

Also I don't know why I'm getting down voted, this is literally modern warfare 101, I'm rooting for the Ukrainians obviously, but if Russia significantly cripples their power grid Ukraine is in for a whole lot of trouble.


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Not everything can be verified with a simple logical calculus, most of everyday use of language can't be verified this way as it's not based on assertions (on the contrary, standard assertions which can be logically verified are just a tiny part of everyday use of language).