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To get started you can use good binoculars. Maybe you can get a used set for close to $30.

The other option is to start mowing lawns and walking dogs for folks. You can earn decent cash and buy a nice telescope.


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I can understand those countries using this tech. But they can also put in place incentives for young people to have 3+ children. Honestly I think large scale immigration is a bad thing for any country.

But we also have an over population issue. Typical human behavior. We have starvation and obesity epidemics. We also simultaneously have over population and dwindling populations.


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My best friend is an OB/Gyn. She had her first baby in residency when she was pulling 80-90 hours per week. She worked until the day before she delivered. She also had to make up the calls she missed on maternity leave.

Her friend was still seeing patients in labor because she was on duty. She would leave a patients room to go scream through a contraction in an empty room next door. Up until an attending told her to go get admitted.

Some women can do ok working. And the OB says patients that were active and stay active have easier deliveries in general vs sedentary patients.

It makes me how the hospitals these women are working in are causing the increase. Is it chemical exposures? Poor sleep? Poor diet? It would be interesting to see what a work day in a Korean hospital is like.