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Umm, let's change things around a little, and you'll see why what you said is insane.

Say I set up an LLC. It's whole purpose is to own q TV for me.

Now that LLC then immediately goes into debt. I loan it $500 in cash. It then uses that money to purchase the TV I want for $500. So, far were still good at net $0 for the company.

Five years pass, and I don't do anything else with that LLC. Depreciation means that the Company's balance sheet is technically negative. Depending on what carryover loss rules are, the company might still be able to sell the TV and still not pay any taxes.

If anything I described is illegal I'd love to hear it. My guess would be loaning my own company money, but that sort of thing seems to happen all the time.


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Huh. Yeah, I don't see a problem with that. A picocell has about the same power as a WiFi Hotspot. Even better, they undergo significantly more testing and regulatory evaluation.

Any avionics which are affected by either of those are absolutely defective.

Random fun fact, the good Pilot headsets have bluetooth built in. Netflix downloads was a game changer for many pilots.


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Except that we've consistently seen AI screw the things you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph up. Primarily because training data and context are incredibly important.

Almost all AI models are either continually curated or are frozen. When the creators don't do that we rapidly get racist chatbots.

The thing is an Order taker doesn't need to adapt too much. There's a learning curve where it misses scenarios, but then the developers fix it. Customer Service is hit or miss, but it basically becomes an IVR that doesn't suck. Meanwhile, journalism, art, and PR require keeping up with current trends and properly formulating strategies to deal with them. Yeah, we're no where close to that.


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> A genome is the makeup of an individual, and can only be understood as such.

Nope. It's statistics that matter at the species level.

A recessive gene with madsive negative consequences will statistically become more and more rare, since at an individual level people who express it are more likely to not produce offspring.

However, if you then get a sudden change in environmental conditions which massively increases those people's survival chances or chances of increasing offspring, then the portion of the population with said gene is going to jump way up again.


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What it's doing is stopping IR from going through the window and heating the room. The outside of the window instead absorbs it all and gets hot.

The reason that doesn't transfer all inside is first because can dissipate part of the heat on the outside surface. Second, the glass on the outside is separated from the glass on the inside. Which provides insulation.