Emperor_Kael t1_jdgg2hi wrote

I think the best way is to try and treat happiness as a choice instead of at the mercy of ur brain juices. For example, saying I feel my body is getting stronger versus I'm tired and sore from that workout can have really positive impacts.

So in that way, when you're working towards success, you can define your journey as giving you happiness. And perhaps it might not truly be at first but it just might after a while.

To achieve it requires mindfulness; to be aware of your own thoughts.


Emperor_Kael t1_jam7z83 wrote

Are photons affected by gravity like objects with mass? Or is it 'simulating' gravity and moving along the curved spacetime.

In Einstein's general relativity, he said that there is no difference between an accelerating frame and a gravity well. A photon will appear to curve down in both cases.

How does this suggest curved spacetime and not gravity's attractive effect on the photon?