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So India's strategy is to rely on the west - while also pissing the west off. And you say the west needs India lmao.

Yes the U.S is strong, no one in China denies that. But India is not. Surrounded by enemies with no real allies to help. The U.S isn't going to go to war for India - India can't even stop buying cheap oil haha. Why would the U.S help you there?

And China doesn't need to conqueror all of India to achieve strategic victory. China is simply taking land, building defences on it. India can't do anything back about it. Plus India struggles with long range missiles and aircraft. Launching a nuke over the Himalayas is childs play for China. Sending aircraft, can be done. What aircraft does India have that can do similar? I mean if the U.S sold some of its f35's perhaps. Maybe China can sell some J series craft to you... nope. I guess you can keep trying and failing to build anything useful.


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Don't take what I say the wrong way. I really do want India to wake up to itself. But if the best thing you can say is "we aren't as bad as Pakistan", then you really do have a big problem as a country. Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia all grew faster than India did relative to per capita. Many other countries in the same region. If India doesn't wake up and allow itself to be humbled one in a while, nothing will ever change.

You know what really changed China? being humiliated, accepting it, and resolving to never be humiliated like that again. India could do the same. But arrogance wins out.


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Uh huh yeah. Keep telling yourself that lol.

Meanwhile a bunch of democracies in Asia also surged well past India in this same time period.

I mean keep looking elsewhere for something to blame. We both know India will be less developed than most the world in another 50, 100, 200 years.


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But I mean if we look at Pakistan, why not look at China?

From the 90's to now, India moved ahead slightly over Pakistan across most of those indexes. China utterly eclipsed India. Like not even in the same ballpark. Actually most countries in the region did. Not as much as China, but many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines etc also make India look shit when used as comparison.

Though I partly agree - India probably hasn't been mismanaged. India is impossible to manage, the people are too arrogant and split. What China and other countries in Asia did can not be achieved in India due to long standing cultural issues.


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West doesn't want that though.

The west is open to engagement in the region though. As it is with most countries there (e.g Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan etc).

This shit just gets blown out of proportion on here because A) lots of Indians use reddit but the same is not true of other countries in the region and B) Indians love to think they are important.


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Yeah. Usually completely full of this weird hubris. Like the country has abysmal HDI, weak military, weak economic power relative to population and in general. Not important at all. But you talk to Indians on reddit and you would think they are the U.S.

It is funny because after WWII, the world thought India and China would both become great powers. One did, the other is still an undeveloped shithole. One talks the talk, the other is walking it now. India will fail to live up to anything even given another 60 years. The culture is just too divided and anyone that is educated leaves to a western country for a better life or career. Some cities in India have modern regions, but why stay there if you are intelligent - you can go to any western country, contribute and have a better life instantly.


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Lmao. You know why India has such a terrible HDI? you know why China is building its infrastructure up on the Ladakh region, while India celebrates videos of its army chasing Chinese away with sticks? Because the Indian nation is so full of hubris, it can't see that China has already beaten it. In every single way. Militarily, Economically, Geopolitically.

China is frankly far more important than India will ever be. The west probably sees value in the manpower India has - and maybe sees India as a non-threat. But that is about it. The west can safely defend itself. India though, lol...... enjoy those viral videos of stick fighters. China is building roads, airfields, military installments all ialong those very contested regions. Every time China takes more land, India pretends it isn't happening and it is "achtually winning the war".

Gl. Say what you want about the CCP, but they turned China into a global power. India still fails to live up to anything it was hyped to achieve even 60 years ago.


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India is well managed? what?

It is one of the least developed countries in the world. Corruption is rampant and it is surrounded on all sides by foes. Of which one was supposed to be its peer at one point but has since utterly utterly surpassed India, like completely eclipsed.

India has never once even looked close to living up to its supposed destiny as a global player. I guess having a billion people doesn't automagically mean you gain relative power.