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>No wonder that despite things are overall maybe 10% worse, people perceive them to be 120% worse.

We had a record fire season in 2019 here in Australia where over thirteen million acres of bushland burned at temperatures hot enough to kill everything. We then had record rain and flooding events for the next few years. Now that El Nino is back in effect I expect that we will go back to record breaking bushfire seasons...


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>It absolutely boggles my mind that we as human beings have discovered this knowledge.

What is even more mind boggling is that we could be completely wrong about it all and not even know it - the old story about the blind men describing a elephant by touch comes to mind. We cannot "see" quarks but rather we can only see how they effect the physical world (e.g. via destroying matter in a particle accelerator).
We then infer what they are and build models to describe what we see. All it would take is a discovery that changes our understanding of one little part to completely upend the model.

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>a few years ago i was thinking about what if mecha hand got really good would i be tempted to chop off one hand and replace it.

I am hoping that biomechanical stuff really takes off before my natural body starts to give up. Cancer and heart failure are the leading causes of natural death so it would be nice to have "cures" for both.


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>It's like they're gunning to become the Netscape Navigator of streaming services.

Netscape Navigator is still around in spirit in the 4th most popular browser on desktop/laptop though (3rd if you ignore Safari) - Firefox was originally split off the Mozilla codebase back in 2002.

I think a more apt comparison would be Atari - a once great tech company leading the way to a bright future who's headlines now include operating a cryptocurrency worth a 3600th of a USD each and launching a failed retro console.


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>then 2ghz just a few years later and have pretty much stayed there since for practically everything.

*looks at the base speed of 3.6GHz and max boost of 5GHz at stock of his 12700k*.

The wall CPUs hit in terms of frequency was 5GHz-6GHz. Silicon just doesn't like going past those clock speeds without pulling a ton of power and producing a butt load of heat.


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>The Apple M1 proved that ARM cores can outpace x86 in terms of performance.

And a lot of the performance wins are due to the ASICs on the SoC instead of actual core performance. ASICs will always outperform general purpose processors because they are specially designed to do a certain task well instead of doing everything ok.


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>Imagine what the life expectancy was for disabled/sick people prior to an abundance of food.

What makes you think that there was no abundance of food before the discovery of agriculture? Hunter gatherer groups tended to migrate around to follow the food over the seasons. Between this and the low populations it would have been pretty rare for the groups to go hungry over a long enough period of time for individuals to starve to death.

Agriculture and animal husbandry is what allowed for humans to settle down and to start multiplying like rabbits.


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>You will never solve sorrow and rage by blaming drugs and guns.

But fixing societies problems means that people won't profit as much and we cannot have that now can we? /s

Honestly, I have been saying for years now that the issue that the USA has regarding guns and crime is down to social inequity. The less you have the more likely you are to risk it all to get more (i.e. purely risk versus reward). The lower the social status of your family growing up the more likely you are to have mental health issues that push you towards drug use to escape it all - happy well adjusted people are rarely self-destructive.


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>Same, now I feel compelled to do something cool with it just because of the knowledge that there’s a shortage

My Pi is just sitting attached to my 3D printer that I haven't used in forever because I had health issues. I could probably sell it for a profit or use it in some other project but I do want to get my 3D printer up and running again sooner or later and Octoprint makes life so much easier.


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>Almost all PV is connected to the grid, there's no point in having a battery

It really depends on your usage patterns. For me it could be a great investment to get batteries if I had PV. The Feed In Tariff is about 20% of the cost of grid supplied KWh which means that having a battery to cover the period between when the sun goes down and the off-peak rates hit could save a decent amount of money. I would have to gather data (power consumption vs time of day) and do the maths to figure out if the cost savings would pay for themselves though and I am not going to bother to do that without having the option to put up PV in the first place.


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>but he won $1,000 twice in the three years I worked there

How much did he spend on tickets over those three years though?

My brother used to be a poker machine junky and would put thousands through them. He would always brag about how he won "$5000" here and "$1000" there but overall he would have been down by tens of thousands of dollars a year despite the wins. I used to go with him sometimes (usually to the Texas Hold'em tournaments and then play the pokies a bit afterwards because he didn't want to leave for a while afterwards) but I would just take like $40 with me to play with and continually buy beers to drink while playing. Despite lucky wins here and there (one time I came home drunk as a skunk with several hundred in gold coins in my pockets lol) I know that I would be down overall on the poker machines.


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>if you continue to play the lottery after winning, you are likely to continue to use that lottery winner wealth until you eventually win again, when compared with the average player

Let's say the population is 100 million, you have 1 million lottery players* and of these 1 million lottery players, 1000 have won the jackpot. The ratio of jackpot winners to the general population is 1 in 100,000. If a single one of those jackpot winners wins the jackpot again then the double jackpot winner to single jackpot winner ratio is equal to 1 in 1,000. This means that despite having just a single double jackpot winner, the double jackpot winner is statistically 100 times more common in the jackpot winner population than the single jackpot winner is in the general population.

Note: I have no idea what percentage of the population has actually won a jackpot, the numbers provided are just guesses that let me show what I am getting and to do the maths easier.

*edited to hopefully make some sense looks for his coffee*

*I could probably just remove the reference to the percentage of the population that plays the lottery as it isn't really used at all.


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>There is no way they be successful with that money absent some very good sound financial advice.

Here in Australia if you win over a certain amount of money in the lottery (and maybe scratchies?) you are required to take a (admittedly short) financial planning course. I think the hope is that you will make some sensible financial decisions with your money instead of blowing it all on hookers and coke.


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>I work in a shop and I always laugh when people buy lottery tickets because the jackpot has hit a certain amount. Like ugh, $150 million, not even worth winning, but $200 million is.

It is a great way to self moderate your spending on lottery tickets while still getting that "if I won the lottery" feel. If there is 52 draws a year and the jackpot goes off enough for it to only hit (say) $200m+ for 2-3 of those draws then you go from potentially playing 52 times a year to just 2-3 times a year.


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>And CPU’s have stagnated in power offer the last 10 years.

You are joking right? 2012 saw the release of Intel's 3rd gen Core processors and AMD's Piledriver CPUs. The 13900k is around 250% faster than the i7-3770k in the single core Geekbench 5 and nearly 400% faster than the FX-8350 - in the multicore benchmark that lead increases to around 700% and 800% respectively (bit unfair given that the 3770k is 4c/8t, the FX-8350 is 8c/8t and the 13900k is 24c/32t). That isn't even taking into account the iGPU/dGPU would be likely used for running the AI models over the CPU - you cannot deny that there has been a huge uplift in performance of GPUs from 2012 to now.

TL;DR: CPUs may have stagnated with only minor performance gains from each new generation from around 2011 to 2017 but from 2017 to now there has been constant noticeable improvements for each new generation due to AMD actually putting up some decent competition with their Zen architecture.


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>The concept from the article has multiple radios, and can therefore do triangulation of the received signals.

It depends on how accurate of a fix you want. I have a old router that could do fairly accurate Wi-Fi triangulation but the accuracy decreased as the RF clutter increased (e.g. walls between the router and the device).


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>the COVID vaccine was a 5

I found that the COVID vaccine highly depended on who actually gave you the injection. I had Pfizer for my first two doses and Moderna for my two boosters. My first dose of Pfizer was barely noticeable other than the mild fever and ache of my arm afterwards. My second dose, which was done by a different nurse but same vaccine at the same centre, was painful AF but the fever and arm ache was way more mild. Third and fourth were done at my local chemist and neither really did much of anything regarding pain or aching beyond a really mild arm arche (barely noticeable) and a very mild fever - I literally feel hotter now due to the combination of heat from my computer (just played around 45 minutes of BF2042) and the high humidity.