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So he was only banned as long as it didn’t matter? After Jan 6 he’d definitively lost and didn’t hold the reins of power. Now that he’s seeking them again, they decide to platform him?


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> …despite the passage of almost 100 years since Johannes Schmidt proposed the Sargasso Sea as the breeding place of European eels on the basis of larval surveys, no eggs or spawning adults have ever been sampled there to confirm this… We attached satellite tags to 26 eels from rivers in the Azores archipelago and tracked them for periods between 40 and 366 days at speeds between 3 and 12 km day−1, and provide the first direct evidence of adult European eels reaching their presumed breeding place in the Sargasso Sea.

I knew this has been a long running mystery, and it’s wonderful to hear that it’s finally solved. I love when modern technology gets employed to verify the work of scientists long passed.