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I hated my home during my childhood. I am glad you have those memories and love. That pain we feel when something emotionally hurts is beautiful in a way. If it hurts that much, must have felt just as wonderful. It's the contrast, experience I've learned to appreciate. I hope any of that is helpful to you. Y'all take care.


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It's hard for us to tell. We know human history is about a million years old. Two hundred thousand years ago, there were several humoid species living at the same time. The more underwater, the more we can't fully study as it were on land. There is going to be a lot underwater.


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Would love to see Harriet Tubman on currency. A slave, Union spy, the only woman to lead daring raids that set fires to plantations and free approximately 750 slaves. All while navigating a river mined by the Confederacy and mapped by Ms. Tubman. She couldn't read nor write and yet outperform every general north or south.


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There is absolutely no way you can guarantee your data's safety when it's constantly accessible online. I hear the arguments, but at the end of the day it is an absolute security risk that can be avoided for the average person at home. Work can do as it like, but you're choices should be more well informed.


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