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I might drill a few holes in the shelf to promote even temperature distribution. Modern full size fridges tens to have solid shelves, but the interior is built such that the air flows around them sufficiently. If the fridge was designed with solid shelves in mind you might want a few holes


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I hear that. I think self leveler is such a cool product. But the one time I installed it in a very small bathroom project, was one of the most stressful things I've ever done. I only needed three bags, but mixing the three bags and getting it poured and squeegeed out in the 10 minutes it takes to set up too much to level itself anymore was awful. In the end I did end up with one small section that wasn't perfectly level, but I was able to deal with that. I'll never do even a small pour on my own again, and I definitely won't do a big pour at all. I don't have that many competent friends.


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Of course it's not unheard of, but there are also corrupt doctors, abusive veterinarians, and murdering foster parents. Nobody asks people in those professions if they "feel regretful" about being those things.


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While it's true that HR official side is with the company, not all companies go out of their way to screw over their employees in the name of profits. Lots of HR professionals spend their time genuinely helping employees with things like hiring, benefits and leaves of absence. It's only the companies that tell you "HR is here to help you," and then use that against you in case of conflict that times get shitty.


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Because a bunch of laypeople may not know what lateral means, and I'm trying to make the information as accessible as possible. That's also why I explained shear and tension.

But also because lateral is no more accurate or precise than sideways. Lateral loads are horizontal, as made distinct from vertical loads. The most correct terms are shear and tension loads, or possibly in-plane and out-of plane loads.


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Exactly. Free market capitalism requires two fundamental things to operate; valid competition and no coerced consumption. Both of these things are missing in utilities; there are no other distributors in the market, and people are effectively required to purchase electricity to survive and function at this point in history.


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There we go, now we're addressing the issues. It's not the existence of suburbs, it's the distance between them. But it's also the fact that we've been a car culture for so long that basically everybody outside of cities owns a car, so they don't see a need for public transit. It's this weird Domino effect where, because we didn't have public transit 100 years ago, people figured out other ways to get around (namely cars), so now we don't need public transit as much. But of course we need it a lot more than we have it currently. This car culture is unsustainable both and environmental and traffic sense.


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That's not true at all. Suburbs in all different parts of Europe, Japan, and other places have many time more more public transportation than we do here. It's much more about the car culture that we live in, where everybody owns a car and it's generally the most convenient way to travel.