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Also quotations don't always have to be for searchterms that consist of several words, it can also be used when youtube/google decides that it doesn't know your searchterm and assumes you made a typo, then autocorrects you without asking.
Like searching for csrs, it would probably be changed to cars or something, if you'd type "csrs" however it should indicate you don't want it to be changed, also works well on google search in conjunction with verbatim mode, for which there is also an extension to force that by default


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Yea I dont know who makes these decisions at google, but it's like they purposefully try to make things worse, I mean the youtube dislike thing, and they also recently put the google images button under the dotted menu instead of next to search, which now is apparently news, books and shopping? Idk who tf uses that but okay..

It's especially bad when you gotta find programming things or something very specific and/or obscure, if it wasn't for the google verbatim extension I'd have lost all my hair already.

Sometimes even bing is better than google, and that's not because bing has improved lol (which it hasn't)


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I tried that but reddit changed the minus to a dot, but it's basically the search term you wanna exclude in "", and minus in front like -"unwanted"

This used to work always, however now it increasingly does not, it does still work for say excluding subscribed channels that are unrelated to the search by saying -"subscribed" or -subscribed, or you can say -"recommended"

Maybe there is a similar trick with intitle, not sure, just like ot used to work with google search, but they keep changing things, like it used to be +"searchword" +"includesecondword", but now it is "searchword" && "includesecondword"