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Oh these are just the surface level issues. The more you dig the more you realize that things are looking bad. We don't have a real plan for ai safety and it will likely end us a result. This can't be one of those things where we get it wrong and improve later. Because if we fail just once, no more people to learn from the mistake.


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Ok so Im just a regular guy but I have two ideas for how this all ends very badly for most people. One is automated scamming. Before you needed a call center in india or somewhere which could be pretty expensive. If you wanted to scale you had to hire people which took time. But now you can just do it all on your own. The second issue is with just a prompt. "Create me a video of Biden announcing why he has just launched a tactical nuke on russia." Oh boy so even if we all just don't believe in that it would cause other issues like not believing anything you see or read... I mean you don't think these are issues?


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Im not sure if they could even ban it at this point... its too later but something needs to be done. Otherwise our internet will be mostly bots, same deal with phone calls (probably already the case) but the scamming is about to get a whole lot more effective and scalable.


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True but this is way easier. For a long time the ability to do this has been there but its been a hard skill to learn how to do. Now just from your phone you can type in. "Pope with a weird coat." And it will be created for you. Some other things to consider is... well its text to image today sure but tomorrow it will be text to video, and then you combine that with text to audio. So now a single person not a studio can easily make a fake of anyone saying anything you like.