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They’re entitled to a fair trial, but all those people they’re mangling and sometimes killing aren’t? I mean, there’s no trial if you kill the person, and mangling them beforehand is like handing out a sentencing on the way to the court house. What a joke.

If that’s the fair they mean, then I’m sure a lot of people at this point would love to give these officers a “fair trial”.


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Holy shit… we all see police brutality but that was really awful to watch. Hitting people with a car and then tasing and jostling them about after an obvious head injury is very clearly attempted murder. I can’t even believe, with the prevalence of guns, more that act out like this don’t run into the wrong people at the wrong time.

These people should not only be thrown in jail, they should be stripped of the right to ever own a gun period. They’re not even human at that point and they’re a danger to the society they’re supposed to protect. Oh wait actually, SCOTUS ruled that they did not even have to protect so they just… serve? What are they serving? And why are there IQ ceilings (besides the bullshit retention excuse)? Why do we keep paying for their fucking assaults on our fellow citizens and human beings with our fucking tax dollars when they lose cases? We don’t bail out doctors who fuck up - they have malpractice insurance for that.

We’ve seen time and time again that they want the lowest dregs of society who just want to take out their aggression on others. These people don’t belong in society at all, they belong behind bars (at best…). Criminals with fucking badges and a license to kill is all these pathetic shit stains are.


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Well, I feel that those other things are more widespread. Think of how many people don’t have lawns to begin with. Then you’re throwing giant spikes which could hurt others versus doing a recreational activity that generally results in harming yourself and not others. So I think it’s a little different even though I understand what you mean with the number discrepancy.

If we went that way, we would have to ban a ton of sports, though. Wrestling, racing, football, etc etc. not to mention there’s an outside element with the bike statistic as I’m sure that’s everything from mountain biking and BMX to getting hit by a car on the highway.

All of them can be hazardous, but I think lawn darts made a lot more sense to ban of the 3 things presented.


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Which is funny because my workplace handles a ton of Amazon orders (they’re a client) and none of them are even remotely what I would consider “cost effective”. I would expound but I’m afraid of the all-seeing eyes of Amazon tracking me down. Suffice to say, they throw money away en masse through 75% incompetency and 25% poor money management.


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I mean, if you had to be stuck somewhere I’d guess a place with all your bedding needs and food would be a pretty good choice.

Kind of gives me Hey Arnold vibes from the episode where the subway power goes out and they’re stuck on it. They’re miserable and anxious at first, but then they bond and end up singing together. Art imitating life.


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Well, they do have a lot of replicas but it depends on how susceptible the object is to degradation and how well they can sustain an environment where that is mitigated. To expound on your point, dinosaur bones are basically all replicas, as you say. Many paintings and several sculptures are indeed originals, however.

There are protective measures in place such as many being taken down and stored overnight, protective glasses to prevent sun damage and finger oils, humidity/moisture control, etc.

A famous case of vandalism was when a visitor took a hammer to the toes of the original David statue by Michaelangelo (di Buonarotti). They’ve been restored as much as is possible, but it was the original that was damaged and is still on view (as is the famous replica statue in his home state, which, as far as I know, has not been vandalized).