Ericknator t1_jdezyfu wrote

I kind of have the feel of the fisherman now. I got a job that, while it's not enough to become independent and leave my house, it does cover all my personal needs and wants. I wake up, go to work, come home and play videogames until time to sleep.

I'm almost graduating from college (Which I don't care or feel accomplished at all. I just do it so people stop asking me when I'm graduating). Literally the only reason I have to do it is to truly have the free time to play games.

After that I just want to find a job that allow me to live by myself and when that's achieved... that's it. I think I will have a life that I want. I don't need to be rich, I don't need to have a bodybuilding body, I just want a comfortable life.


Ericknator t1_j9xtq64 wrote

I got it by simply "not caring" or just internalizing my emotions (Leaving most of what I feel as thoughs instead of actually expressing them). Now I got depression and overthinking and I struggle to express anything.

I do feel stuff, but it takes a VERY strong feeling to make me do something. It sucks, cause sometimes people tell me a joke, or a good news, or something sad, or I am angry about something, and I'm just like :l

If you want to go that way go ahead, but restraining your emotions, specially if you are sensitive, is not going to end well.