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Gee, maybe they shouldn’t have tossed 25 years worth of EU material out the window just because they could.

Some of it wasn’t very good, some was excellent, and most of it fell solidly in between.

It’s like they sensed we were getting tired of Luke and Leia and Han saving the galaxy all the time and were clearly setting up to pass the adventures along to the next generation.

I made a choice to not start reading any of the new continuity expanded material when it started coming out. I’m glad I did.


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I counted on google maps. I saw a half dozen or so at St. Louis, fewer at Memphis and about the same at New Orleans. And I counted multiple span (separate bridges for each direction) freeway bridges as a single bridge.


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Not necessarily.

The Mississippi is very long, but there aren't very many built up areas along it's length. There are only four big metropolitan areas- Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Saint Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans- and the latter three combined don't have more than what I counted in Minneapolis alone. I'm not bored enough to count the whole length, but it wouldn't surprise me if half of those 132 bridges have at least one end in Minnesota. (I did count 32 just in the Twin Cities metropolitan area)


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I was curious, so I looked it up.

This is the 16th goalie goal. Ever.

It is about evenly split between the goalie taking the shot, and the goalie being credited as the last player to touch the puck on an own goal.

The New Jersey Devils have been involved in five of them- Martin Brodeur has three goals, and two were scored against them. And, given when they happened, it is likely Brodeur was in goal for the two own goals against.

Edit: I had the number of goals incorrect.


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It’s kind of like “Failure is not an option.” From Apollo 13. It’s possibly the most famous line from the movie, yet Gene Kranz never said it. Didn’t stop him from using it as the title of his autobiography, though.

(The other famous line, “Houston, we have a problem.” was also never said in real life. Jim Lovell actually said, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” or something very similar.)


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The only solution that can work long term is to abandon the limiting and oh, so corrupt bidding process and set permanent host cities. Whether it be a single city where everybody gathers every four years, or a handful used in rotation, doing so will will hit eliminate the bribery the IOC expects (yay!) and will also eliminate (nearly) completely the waste that comes with cities having facilities that sit completely unused after the Games are done. (I prefer several cities in rotation)

Both Summer and Winter Olympics should go this route.

My picks for permanent Summer hosts- Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Rio (assuming Brazil can get its act together). And I would add an African city at some point as well.

My Winter Games picks would be- Vancouver, Pyeongchang, an Alpine city to be determined, and a city in Scandinavia.

Yes, these are all fairly recent hosts. That’s because they should all still have a lot of infrastructure already in place.


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I went to high school with a guy who was 7’2”. (Yes, he had a cup of coffee in the NBA, no, I will not name him). One of my friends used to joke that he should date our 4’9” classmate, so she could give him a blowjob without having to kneel.


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That’s because the degree IS the more impressive thing here. You should value it more.

The Governator’s signature is ultimately an interesting curiosity, which is why it fits this sub.

Four years’ worth of graduates from the University of Minnesota have their diplomas signed by Jesse “The Body” Ventura. It’s cool and all, but the degree is the important thing.

Still, 48 states can never brag about being run by one of the stars of Predator.


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Say what you will about Carnac, that is one of the funniest moments of television I have ever seen.

It’s a legitimately very funny joke. But what made the bit immortal was Johnny trying to get through it without laughing and spoiling it (He knew the punchline beforehand, Ed didn’t), and then everybody losing it afterward.