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You’re gonna have to help us out a bit. Where do you want to stay? Do you need a building with amenities? How far from public transit do you want to be? If you want to live in the fancy schmancy downtown area, I don’t recommend having less than a $100k salary. If you want to live a bit further from the train, no amenities, not professionally managed and all that, you can get away with a $50k salary. Anything lower than that, you’ll likely have to sacrifice some things.


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I’d recommend Asian Food Market for fresh egg noodles. Especially for this dish. Try Twin Marquis brand (red and green label). I’ve always had bad luck with 99 Ranch noodles, they always improperly store them.


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I second not moving to Weehawken, it can be so difficult leaving Weehawken via public transit for leisure and you’d definitely need a car living there. Hoboken is nice depending on which area you live in. Uptown Hoboken seems to be geared to couples and families like yourself while the lower portion is the younger single crowd. Downtown JC would be great for you guys. I enjoy the “Village” area a lot, its close to the action but far enough to avoid a bulk of the noise. Its also a bit cheaper as you go further away. Easier to find parking too. I love the NY boroughs but I find living there is hard plus having to pay an additional city tax, smaller living spaces, and just having no overall breathing room. Good luck if you do decide to move! Despite what people say, us Jersey folk can be very kind and welcoming.