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Give it a try. It's cute, funny, and has some great messages. I've only seen a few episodes but it's really nice that a show that teaches important lessons on friendship and health is available to all ages. Especially when some of those lessons are things you wouldn't pick up until a teenager or young adult.


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Any good story recs that deal with multiple pantheons including yhwh? Only one I can think of off the top of my head is Doing God's Work, which I haven't gotten around to, yet. (besides DC)


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When I was 11 or 12 my friend introduced me to Max Barry through his book Jennifer Government.

Over the next few years I'd read Max Barry's works as I found them/as they were released and I ended up adopting his writing style to a small extent because I found it easy and enjoyable.

I would employ em-dashes for asides or to separate clauses, I would make my writing conversational and, most notably, I would use sprinkle in short sentences and paragraphs. Some of my paragraphs would just be one sentence, I liked how it looked and flowed.


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Agreed. Jenna Ortega killed the role. Making the dance herself?? So much respect for the work out in. Insists on doing her stunts, too.

The series overall is just ok, but her performance elevates the whole thing because she's just a delight to watch.

I read/watched a couple.interviews, turns out they filmed out of order. And so she went back and forth between directors, because Burton only directed the first four. So sometimes the other directors would tell her to portray herself differently and she had to figure out how to insist to them to keep things consistent.