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"Waiting for the comments about how things were worse in the 80s."

You seem to want to have that fight, it was also worse in the 90s as well if that makes you feel better? Not saying that gun violence isn't bad anytime but things can be bad more than once. One does not exclude the other and helps for a larger historical context. I would say knowing the history of crime and violence in the city makes it more important then ever to fix it and get it right, not to sweep it under the rug.


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I think when you spend time in VA DC feels less safe because there is a bump in population density. There are more people in your personal space. Things have gotten slightly worse sense the Obama years but was never a totally safe idyllic place many thought it was. You should always be aware of your surroundings in a city. It's still a great city that is safe most the time but you should always watch out for yourself.


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I had a good friend do something like that for awhile and it was tremendously exhausting. It was for a really good job and ultimately he made it work but he was so visibly depleted when I saw him. Eventually he started renting a room in NYC and just coming back on weekends, then just staying up full time till they eventually opened an office in DC and he came back. You may have to pick DC or NYC cause it could start as one or two days and escalate, or things get busy, what happens if you miss a train...Its easy for them to say one or two days now, but be prepared for that to change as time goes on.


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First dates should be low stakes, don't put to much pressure on anyone. You really just want a quick chance to know a little more but a little goes a long way. Each person should be able to call it quickly when they discover the other person smells bad or whatever. Ideally stick with a drink, coffee, lunch, a walk or picnic in the park. You want to be able to talk with the person and but also quickly cut it off if you find out they voted for trump or something crazy.


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Jeez, I've never seen someone so mad at additional dates for bands they I suspect like? It's weird, that your so worked up, bands add and change dates all the time. It is far from a new thing and will happen again. Everything is flud...


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Lots of cute neighborhoods to walk together holding hands making googly eyes at each other. For more scenic ventures there is a path along the anacostia river, kenilworth aquatic gardens and can picnic at arboretum.

Or do an ivy city distillery crawl. Its changed a bit and have lost some disterllyers but still a cool area to check out.