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Yes, I remember the ballot. It had some new boxes to tick: I want to destroy the city. I want to preserve the city. I believe we live in a black and white world, there are no shades of gray. There is only one issue to vote on. There is no nuance. And also this, anyone who votes for X loses their right to state facts and voice their opinion, which some will view as complaining. Complaining is not a right. Complainers who voted for h or b must go to rikers. but they'll be released the next day to complain again. That's why they voted for h and b.


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I'm a native New Yorker. And I'm old. I've seen the city go from safe to dangerous to safe to dangerous. It's a cycle. The upper west side was more dangerous in the late 70s and early 80s than it is now. But there are many more random acts of violence now and in my neighborhood more stores are getting hit more frequently. The thing about Bragg is he's not doing anything to stop it. He's not prosecuting people who are caught. He's either an ideologue or based on interviews with the ADA's who resigned over Trump he's chicken. But whatever the reason he's ineffective. Of course you're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I think we've both stated our differences clearly. And by the way I am fucking serious


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I am an upper west side progressive and I hate his guts. He is more than useless. He is dangerous and has made New York City more dangerous. And his dropping the Trump investigation is not a thing any upper West side progressive approves of.