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Yeah. It's like they do it on purpose so that we don't get together and fight them for basic human rights or something like France right now.

Thanks for being a cool guy and having an open mind for conversation to happen. I'm glad I could be a cool person in this exchange too. Our country really has a yelling at people problem and I think it's very unproductive and divisive.


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I wasn't trying to start fight and I don't think responsibility for the comment below me if it starts to fight. I was just really curious.

It's weird that the left thinks the right is fascist and the right thinks the left is fascist and that's a really dangerous place for us to be in.

My question is does it hurt you in any way to let other people define their gender differently? Besides that, you disagree. Like what harm does it do? The thing is, the left isn't trying to make it law that there's more than two genders, they would rather just be left alone and be allowed to exist.

It's a difficult place to be in because one sides very loud trying to defend their personhood and one sides very loud trying to defend their beliefs. But I truly think that both sides could probably be happy if everyone just agreed to leave everyone else alone. Like there's no harm in someone identifying as not a man or a woman, as there is no harm in someone identifying as a man or a woman. It's just something they deal with. I don't fully understand. But that's ok. I don't have to understand everything.

Your can absolutely disagree.

In my view, It's just that on one hand saying that someone else's identity is invalid threatens their personhood and agency to make choices and have a personal freedom. And it does nothing to you to let them do that. But denying it denies their personhood which historically has led to murdering and genocide and that's what they fear.

I think it's interesting that we've become so afraid of each other and it's really sad because honestly I don't think either side wants to hurt the other. But I think both sides are scared of losing their personhood and are reflexively lashing out where it's not needed. That makes me sad.

But thank you for sharing. Sometimes find it difficult to get into the headspace of someone who sees things differently and I think we could all use that kind of interaction. Understanding is what we need as a whole people. And things are just so high emotion that it's hard to get there sometimes.

Anyway. I wish you love and good fortune.