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"NO!!" Everyone except Damian shouted out loud.

"B-but wai-" Damian stuttered as he heard everyone's response, he didn't expect things to turn out like this, usually people with powers band up and make their own superhero team.

"In all honesty dude, none of us want to be here." Said Alex, smoke poured from his left arm as it returned back into its original state.

"Guys! We just took down a f*cking eldritch dragon. WHY NOT?!?" Damian pointed at the vast undescribable corpse lying on the ocean bed.

"We? I'm sorry but are you forgetting that I WAS THE ONE WHO CREATED THE FCKING TURRET?!?*" Thomas yelled from atop his large stone construct.

"Yes, yes. We all partook in our personal fights and proved each of our individual skills." Damian spoke calmly while raising is hands to prove his point.

"All I did was open one f*cking door." Jane retorted with her arms crossed.

"Besides, we are just a bunch of kids." Alex said with a factual tone. "The only reason we decided to help you was because you promised to do my homework for the rest of the year."

"AND YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR PROMISE!" Shouted Thomas as he tried to carefully climb down his creation which was starting to decay at an accelerated rate.

"Come ooooooooon!! We could make a good team! Like look at the sweet powers we have: Jane basically has infinite adaptive strength, Thomas can turn anything he touches into a machine, you can turn any part or even your entire body into fire—"

"And the team leader can turn plastic into alien plants." Alex interrupted Damian which led out a snicker from Jane.

"HEY!....I can jump really high and phase through solid matter too." Damian snapped back.

"Yeah, but that only works on things that are moving too fast. You may be immune to bullets but a random thug also managed to beat your ass." Alex said with a chuckle.

"Ughhhhh, FINE!! Screw you guys, I don't need you, I can just go solo instead!" Damian said annoyed, he turned around and jumped, instantly disappearing from sight as he shot across through the air at superhuman speed."


"Anyone up for Taco Bell?" Alex spoke.


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Everyone was already giggling and laughing at me when I finally came out of the machine. They all had already chosen their powers and since I was the last one to receive mine, word quickly got around on what the last choice was.

"Hey Faron, CATCH THIS!" Shouted Hughie, the school bully.

As he spoke, snow began to emit from his hands which then took the form of a sphere, once the shape was complete, he chucked the snowball towards my head.

I felt the complete brunt of the cold and heavy impact of the snowball which made me fall down the ground with a big thud.

"That's it! everyone go back to your classes this instant, you have all received your abilities, thus Holden High School's Gifting Day is over!" Shouted the principal in a booming voice, not even caring to look at me.

Everyone slowly left as they made remarks and jokes on my absolutely lame power.

----2 days later----


I turned around with a big smirk on my face while, there he was, the school's own Ice king, Hughie, walking towards me with an extremely furious scowl.

"I'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON FOR CALLING ME A SNOW BRAIN YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!" He yelled as he began to materialize several large icicles in the air all pointed towards me.

Everyone in the school grounds looked at the scene in fear, some with pity and disdain, no one dared to stop him, not even the teachers who were passing by and only looked at the commotion with a deep sigh of sorrow.

"Take This!" Hughie said as he telekinetically launched the icicles straight towards me.

The icicles only managed to reach the half the target's distance when suddenly they instantly melted and fell onto the floor as a small puddle of water before completely vaporizing.

"W-w-what-t-t!" Hughie said with his mouth dropped wide open in utter awe as he saw me ignite into a ball of flames.

My large baggy military jeans and loose sweater were immediately incinerated as they revealed a small complex mechanical device strapped to my chest with tubes and motors stretching till my arms and legs, the machine glowed a dark orange colour as it released another wave of intense heat.

"Hey asshole, did you ever realize that with enough prep time, a genius could destroy a superpowered king like you, I even had to make a special heat resistant protein just to use this bad boy on you." I said while laughing.

Man, why do idiots think Hyper Intelligence is a weak power?