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I never specifically said black officers are Proud Boys sympathizers. But meanwhile I DID give several points of evidence speaking to the fact that there are indeed Proud Boys informants, enablers, and sympathizers on the force. And one wonders why the black officers do nothing about it if they do indeed constitute "most" of the force, knowing full well that some of their own fellow officers cheered and fist bumped racists who vandalized black churches in their city. If they are "most" of the force then why are they bowing down to white supremacists? Particularly when they don't even hide it? I mean, that fist bump was in broad daylight, complete with cigar-chewing shit-eating grin. Why do black cops tolerate this bullshit? That's where the "blue line of silence" degenerates into bullshit with power held by a racist minority. Maybe that's the real kind of uncomfortable question that should be getting answered.


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MPD Lieutenant secretly feeding Proud Boys intel: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2022/02/16/dc-police-tarrio-proud-boys-lamond/

MPD fistbumping Proud Boys while escorting them to a bar after a day of randomly assaulting people in the street and vandalizing a black church in DC: https://twitter.com/Curious_Kurz/status/1147182850132905984

And in fact every time Proud Boys came en masse to DC, they assaulted people, MPD just stood back and did nothing.

And this is all part of a bigger pattern of police getting cozy with Proud Boys. https://twitter.com/jsrailton/status/1371096606502756354


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Our unit has steel studs in the walls and I suspected they soak up a lot of the wifi signal. Couldn't get much signal in our back room that's only 20 feet from where the router was, even with high gain antennas. So I got a mesh system (Amplifi Alien) and ran an ethernet cable to the second unit and since then wifi has been rock solid everywhere in the house.


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The jetstream is being disrupted. Unusual warm air in one place will displace cold air in another place, like squeezing a balloon, squeeze one part and it will bulge out on the other side. Via convection, warm air wants to push its way north in our hemisphere, and that's what causes it. But some people will tell you climate change isn't real because there is cold involved, not understanding that it's cold air displaced from northern latitudes. Those people who deny climate change can't understand something as simple as a water balloon.


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If you for example the full SAMSHA report, it starts out with the overall population of homeless at any given point in time, which shows figures of 35-40% with mental health or substance abuse as shown in your link above. But farther down in the full SAMSHA report, where they speak specifically of the chronically homeless, that's where the number jumps up to 70-80%


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I asked to go in person but couldn't get an appointment. I had to contest it by mail.
On another note, that tactic of maps and math did successfully get me out of a ticket in PA. I've only gotten 2 speeding tickets in the last 20 years, both photo tickets - and the one I got out of, but not with DC.


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They are pretty miserable about that one. I got a photo ticket there once and was pretty damn sure I was not speeding, I carefully scrutinized the pictures they provided and showed them on an aerial photo the exact position of my car on the aerial photo before and after with the measured distance and used the timestamp before and after to calculate speed and it absolutely PROVED I was in fact not speeding and they still refused it.


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He isn't the only one. There's video of MPD officers fistbumping Proud Boys, and looking the other way/doing nothing while Proud Boys were assaulting random people in the streets of DC, there was the incident of MPD officers heckling Fanone at the Congressional Awards ceremony where they recognized the defenders and the injured police officers.

MPD has a problem, I do not at all think Lamond was the only one, they need to do some serious house cleaning.


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Oh, federal employees are going to revitalize downtown businesses? At $16 for a mediocre sandwich for lunch? I suggest Muriel work with her real estate and developer buddies to drive down costs for those businesses because there's not much compelling or affordable about downtown businesses to federal employees.


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At least they have plow trucks now. I remember the "snowpocalypse" - people didn't even have snow shovels and I literally saw someone trying to dig their car out with a big wooden salad bowl. When the snow plows finally showed up they were all from out of state. Now the city has a fleet of plow trucks, which are also used as security, they fill them with sand and park them blocking streets when the streets are closed for pedestrian traffic, so that nobody can try to ram pedestrians with a car.


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I live in DC, and participate in a few DC related message boards. Given the political nature of Washington DC, sadly DC-related message boards are often the target of people who don't even live here, who want to attack and denigrate and demonize, who want to make DC seem like a complete cesspool of crime, out-of-control Karens imposing unhinged wokeness or whatever else. And then there are the suburbanites, who project hate on DC because of the commute they've chosen for themselves. They constantly start threads to complain about bike lanes and other things.

We've lived in DC for almost 15 years, and enjoy it here. It's very walkable, there is a lot of green space and tons of great activities and amenities. I have a DC-area bucket list that has hundreds and hundreds of places to go and things to do which gives us fuel for every open weekend. Is DC perfect? No. Sure, there's crime - but none of us has ever been the victim of crime in the 15 years we've lived here, and I rarely hear of any of our friends and neighbors becoming victims of crime either. Yeah, there are some homeless people. Many of the DCPS schools are notoriously bad, but we got lucky and got into a good charter, and our kid got into a great university with plenty of scholarship money. Housing can be expensive. Many restaurants are overpriced for what they provide. There's always going to be things like that to complain about, but those aren't by any stretch unique to DC, you'll find the same situation in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, or other big cities as well.