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Lmao crime rates are near historic lows for the city, even with the spike caused by covid. You’re just fearmongering to keep the police from being held accountable. Either that or you genuinely like the taste of boots.


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Bruh I’ve been here for about a decade myself. I’ve just been a lurker for a long time. I’m just calling a fascist a fascist. If anything, you live in the echo chamber by siding with the bootlickers on this sub.


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Says the guy regurgitating fascist talking points. The only reason you’re upvoted is because subs like this are filled with conservative brigaders

Please show me proof that minority police officers lower the rates of police misconduct.


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And the PBA has never ACTUALLY advocated for more cops as a way to fix the situation. Once again, this situation would easily be solvable if the police was actually willing to come to the table on the issue of accountability.


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And? Just because you’re a minority police officer doesn’t mean you can’t be implicit in systemic abuse. One of the cops at Floyd’s arrest was black and wanted to reform the department when he first joined like a year before.


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If they’re sick of it, maybe they should tell their union to fuck off and stop trying to resist attempts to reform the department into something more agreeable and less shooty-minority-y


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Maybe they’d have a better time recruiting people if they didn’t have a history of shooting unarmed minorities and resisting all forms of accountablility, but that’s none of my business 🤷‍♂️


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Bullshit. Democrats have had a plan for decades to reform the immigration system through expansion of courts and eliminating bureaucratic cruft in order to allow us to process more people faster. It’s Republicans who are the ones who are stonewalling that outright and then turning around and saying they’re “for open borders” and “weak on immigration.”