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Funny you should say that…he used to have long hair but I heard that drug use may have caused him to start balding and due to that he could have shaved it. If you see him again if you could snap a photo I would very much appreciate it. No need to confront him at all. Can I also DM you the last picture I have of him?


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I plan to come to CT, but I don’t live local anymore - I’ve resided in DC for over a decade now. This is part of why confirmed sightings will help me to hone in on my search. I’ve looked into PIs as well and may hire one, but most have seemed unreliable and have pretty steep fees with no guarantee of results.

I’m not asking for anything aside from a potential “hey, I’ve seen a blind guy in the area recently that fits the description”.

If you want more details or a picture feel free to DM me and I can provide that.


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I get that the internet (and specifically Reddit) is weird, but this is no troll. It would be an oddly specific one to post into a local forum as well.

This is a guy that’s had a very unfortunate set of circumstances unfold in addition to his disability that has left him unsupported and unprotected. I don’t know what one would get out of a troll of this nature. I’m just looking for any confirmed sightings so I know where to start my search and his last known place of residence was in Hamden, CT.


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I never said I haven’t met him. I’ve known him for almost his entire life but his direct family have recently passed on leaving me as a sole potential caretaker.

My hope is there aren’t very many blind men wandering the local streets - I assume this disability and his given age, gender, race, and location are fairly good starting points for identification.


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I’ve talked to the police already, but they are limited in what they can do. There also may be issues of addiction which make him skittish with the police. The last of his family recently passed away and I live out of state and have inherited responsibility for him. Just hoping some people may have info that would be of use.