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I have strong shoulders..a medium frame . I'm only 110lbs. It's my frame. I tend to build muscle better. So that's how I keep it in check. I'm more muscular. I've been thinner without muscle. .. but those spots love fat. Genetically speaking . My fathers side is the same


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My grandmother had and my mom has alz . They moved to the states when my mom was 12 from a small fishing village in NB around 1958. They went from eating fish and home grown foods ... to American processed which was really starting to be popular. Throw in air pollution ... there just has to be some correlation.


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You are also going to see a lot more backmarket ods soon as people who really need it have to go get street drugs... when that starts happening... they might increase


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I just put an order in do so online through my insurance company... its stressing me out. I'm already unorganized... it's just making shit worse. There is no reason for this bs


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Marlborough. Lots of people live there that work in East Hartford. _ East of River.. less traffic .. pretty... great schools... only 20 min from Hartford . .. 10 min from Glastonbury . .. 35 ish min to the ocean.... and casino On the bus route to Hartford . .. less congestion with small town feel still.