ExTelite t1_j87alv3 wrote

I am not here to fight - I'm here to talk. I was one of these soldiers controlling access to Al-Aqsa.

Our job was clear - prevent conflict and only allow MUSLIMS to pass. Countless times I've stopped Jews from entering the Mosque to prevent disorderly conduct. I, myself, can't recall even one time I've not allowed a Muslim person to enter...
We did sometimes check IDs, pretty much at random and to find people who got into Israel illegally, didn't really have anything to do with Al-Aqsa.

We did search a lot of bags. Took away flags from time to time, because that's the law here and we only enforce it. Maybe some poor kids' unusually large lunch knife because again, that's the law and we have to enforce...

But never did we restrict access for no justified reason. We were nice to the people who came and went, and a lot of them were nice to us. I remember a lot of older folk thanking us for being there.

This is not an invitation to conflict and argument - I just think that your view of this particular subject is a little different than how it actually is, and I'm open for discussion 🙂