ExceedHappy t1_j2drnyi wrote

Name of Planet: Kaleidescope

Interesting features:

  1. It is set in the year 4269

  2. Some people have an organ called Core. Basically it gives you a type of superpower (like fire, nigh omnipotence, etc.)

  3. It has 6 continents, one is in the center and is circular, while the others surround it. It has the statues of the heroes where continent they came from (the one in the center is the greatest hero, called Oscar O. Cero, and his power is called Ocosmo, which makes him omnipotent.)

Song: Hmm, many, but the most that will fit is a song from my country, called Kaleidescope World, by Francis Magalona.


ExceedHappy t1_j2dqynq wrote

One is a male extraverted guy with severe ADHD, depression, and extreme nihilism. Was kind of a genius in elementary and middle school, but became worse in studying in high school. Also is a class clown, but is secretive.

Another is a female girl who was once the guy's rival, and she was always second to him. But now she is at the top, and the guy just has normal grades. Also has a crushon him.