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Well, if you want to grow potatoes, asparagus, and turnips, you will surely not be disappointed, as they all grow just fine without issues.

For more sensitive stuff, historically zone 4 was more accurate, but the last decade has at least been on the edge of 5, with a small asterisk depending on elevation. Median last frost was around June 1, but I don’t think that it’s come after May 15 for at least ten years, and the season goes much further into the fall than it used to.


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Note that if you do want to speak against it, "I don't like it because X" is not very useful to the zoning board. The board has a specific set of criteria by which variances are supposed to be evaluated. You want to be able to say "I believe that this variance should not be granted because it does not address requirement Y in the town zoning ordinance, and the same goals could be achieved without a variance and without significant hardship by doing Z."


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Ask your neighbor to walk you through what they’re planning to do. If it’s something you’re cool with, ignore it or show up to speak in favor. If it’s something you’re not cool with, tell them your concerns rather than blindsiding them at the meeting. If they’re not receptive to addressing your concerns and you want to speak against it at the meeting, read the minutes from past meetings (they should be online) so you know what to expect.


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This is not normal. Don’t apologize for landlords. They are required to provide a system capable of maintaining 65 degrees. If the system can’t keep up and drops 10 degrees below that in a single day of cold weather (weather that we regularly have for a few days or a week most winters), then one or more of the following apply:

  • the rental unit has inadequate insulation and sealing
  • the heating system is undersized
  • the heating system needs service
  • OP has not been shown how to use the system correctly