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who said its easy? rote memorization is not easy. but it doesnt require very high intelligence. thats the point. it doesnt require critical thinking skill, or creativity, or being able to innovate.

all one do is memorize and memorize. boring af. just coz its braindead chore doesnt mean its easy.

e.g. one thing law school students do is to read tons of cases. do you have the patience to read 100 pages a day, something like that? most people have no such patience. but it doesnt really require high intelligence. one just have to sit through it.


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there must be differences in bone structure.

if diff races have clear diff in skin structure, fat deposition etc. it must be in the bones too.

the diff races have been seperated for like 10,000 and some even 50,000 years, enough to have differences in bone structure/density on an overall level.


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wrong. docs in the US are extremely overpaid. the supply of docs annually is capped by the medical cartel, resulting in shortage of labor and elevated wages.

and i dont give a damn they "save lives". just coz they do, doesnt warantee high payment. labor should be determined by supply and demand in a true free market, not by merit.


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let them kill themsleves.

back in 19th century, places that rejected railway due to XYZ reasons ended up decaying while the ones got hooked on rails became booming towns, lasting to today. e.g. railway in Taiwan, in Siberia etc. the cities actively rejected rails passing thru them soon after declined and its place got replaced

if SF want to be the next, so be it.


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schools will be obsolete in the future.

modern school is an invention in the 18th century. totally outdated. only reason they still exist in current form is coz of cultural inertia and they're part of the government.

with internet and ai, things can be learned much more efficiently than those traditional schools


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sooner or later some open source music generator will be released and the big 3 music publishers will be destroyed. they might sue, so what? some no name small company just gonna declare bankrupcy, aye lmao, while the open source code would still be used by everyone

the days of those copyright abusing studios are numbered.


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the blockchain hype sucked a lot of money to that scammy, non-productive blockchain eco system. its partially to blame. had that money been to AI, world would be much more different.

just think about that FTX scam, how much billions could have gone to AI instead of funding the lifestyle of that scammer and his acomplices?

the blockchain hype also caused GPU price to skyrocket, causing AI development, which also use GPUs, to starve due to way more expensive GPU price as well as often non-existant stock due to miners robbing all the supplies


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mass layoffs? what mass layoffs? dont see you people complain when those big tech doubled its workforce in just 2 years. now they trim some of the excessive fat and get rid of those useless parasites, it's something to condemn?

if anything they still have way too much excessive staffs

twitter fired 80% and is just fine. all those big tech have basically become overbloated bureaucracy at this point giving out free welfare to the undeserved tech "employees" who barely do any work at all, they need 50% layoffs, not those joke of some 5%-10% layoffs they are doing.


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80% of human population in modern day "developed" countries used to be subsistence farmers, peasants.

that's why you have so much stupidity going on. all those fear-mongering actually works on them. those low IQ should-be-peasants dont understand economics, history, tech development. they really do think everything good will be elites-only.


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the mongol conquests have been described by historians as "medieval nuclear war". it's scale was unprecedented, not even surpassed by world war 2.

the mongols destroyed the biggest cities at that time, such as Merv, Nishapur, Herat, Baghdad, Beijing/Zhongdu, Chengdu, Kiev/Kyiv

Nothing came close later on except in china such as Taiping Rebellion in 19th century. Or the bombing of Dresden. But even in those cases, the perpetrators didn't kill every single one they got hands on. Mongols made sure not to leave survivors. Kiev for example had 99% death rate, only around 1000 were "spared" and became slaves. Merv, Herat each only had 400 artisans spared while rest all slaughtered.


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scarcity will never be gone. its physics.

and look at food scarcity. nowadays American poor are associated with obesity. 100 years ago fatness was associated with wealth.

so food scarcity on the absolutely level is totally gone in America, but do you see everyone in US happy about food? nope. just as much bitching and complaining.

a couple months ago i saw some privilleged upper middle class complaining on redit about having to "downgrade their lifestyle" from rib eye to porterhouse because muuuuuuuh inflation, something like that.

then you have the poor in US bitching about can "only" afford fast food and not veges. lmao. meanwhile 3rd worlders would craze over such lifestyle coz they cant even afford meat every day

humans are naturally ungrateful and entitled. scarcity will never go away even on this psychological level, let alone phyisical level (travel cant be faster be speed of light, for instance).


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>This is possibly the most tumultuous and uncertain period of human history

this is pure ignorance. 13th century was the worst, the mongols genocided many nations wiping them off completely (all central asian cities were wiped out), killed off estimated 90% of northern chinese and Persians. and could threaten western europe and ultimately entire human civilization if they succeeded since the mongols wanted to reach the great western sea (Atlantic) but failed in hungary and poland in their second invasions.


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pharma is expensive af coz of excessive government regulation, especially the FDA. a medical trial literally cost billions in US and there'd be failed trials that yield nothing so those companies have to jack up prices to compensate. EU regulators are just as bad, probably worse.

the insurance scheme in US is also not free market.

the reason internet and IT took off so quickly is exactly coz of lack of regulation. otherwise it gonna be stifled just like medicine

it took covid to bring the mRNA tech online. without covid, mRNA still would be in animal trials.... and probably decades away from ever be mass released and also would have huge risk of getting banned due to side effects.

and it's exactly normies that are causing this. their fear of the unknown and their ignorance end up costing their own life quality but they don't understand, they never will.


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a lot has to do with jealousy. normies always are super sensitive to the "wealthy" being able to have advantages. whether its money, status, yachts, private jets, health care.....

normies dont understand economics. they legit thinks "trickle down" is a false concept while its actually quite real in the real world, not normie's imaginary world. mobile phones used to be the size of brick in 90s and now almost everyone can afford a smartphone that's bascially a mini computer.

normies have no imaginations. they just can't grab the concept that just coz new things are expensive and more exlucisve, doesnt mean they'd remain the case decades later. things always have to start somewhere. but normies, due to their inherant lack of imagination and pettiness, they get mad if a new tech doesn't benefit them immediately. they always want instant benefits.