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That's not really comforting, given humanity's tendency to "go with the crowd." Does it matter if the crowd is fake, if the fake crowd can manipulate people into believing falsehoods, because "so many people can't possibly be wrong?"

We saw this with chain emails back in the day those were a big thing. Using bots on social media to boost the visibility of something is just the newest version of that.


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People were recently fooled by fakes of Trump being arrested (though, I think that was AI generated rather than deepfake) and I've seen a deepfake of Joe Rogan endorsing something that is just shy of convincing (the cadence and tone were both off enough that you could tell). We're there, the question is how many people are fooled rather than are people fooled.


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If anything, I would expect us progressives to be a bit more proficient at firearm usage due to a tendency to do things like listening to directions and reading and following instructions, and learning from past experience. I personally don't go out shooting targets on a weekly basis, but my accuracy stays fairly good, presumably from paying attention and actually caring about learning how to do it right.