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Yeah. Seasonal allergies are basically being allergic to plant jizz. Humans kinda caught in the mating season.

Sometimes I look out the window and see the pines dropping pollen and everything covered in yellow, and instead of going outside I just close the curtains, kinda embarrassed, and look away like "lemme give you your privacy". Plants have no sense of modesty.


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My ex husband was addicted to Adderall he started taking at 12. It has A LOT of negative effects over time.

I mean, it impacted him the way you think about meth impacting people. It just ruined his life. One of the doctors explained to me that it acts on your brain in some of the same ways as other stimulants, and over time it prevents your brain from learning to live without it, basically. Anyway, I'm very wary of it. I never knew people could get addicted to a kid's medicine.