Exocet6951 t1_j2057e8 wrote

Sorry to surprise you, but if you bump up your prices by two folds, then force your highest rates to siphon government aid as much as possible, you're war profiteering.

When you threaten to cut service in the middle of a war zone, to get even more of that aid, then you're extorting.

Shill all you want, it won't change the fact that Musk bumped up terminal prices to profit from the war, then extorted Ukraine to get even more money, all while trying to spin his actions as philanthropy.

He is scum, through and through.


Exocet6951 t1_j1yhrtg wrote

Ah yes, the famously philanthropic actionof having a government pay for your terminals (with their prices massively jacked up) with the most expensive plan possible, then complaining about the expenses and threatening to cut off access to users in a warzone just to siphon off more aid for your terminals, which have an artificially bloated price and plan.

Philanthropy is when war profiteering meets extorsion, according to Musk fans.